Vetus Latina (VLB)

SBL Handbook of Style

Vetus Latina (Old Latin Bible) refers to “the large and very diverse collection of Latin biblical texts used by Christian communities from the second century” (Vetus Latina). In 1945, the Vetus Latina Institute in Beuron began work on a new scholarly edition of these texts based on the earlier work of Piere Sabitier (d. 1742) and Josef Denk (d. 1927). The resulting publication, still in progress, is known as the Vetus Latina: Die Reste der altlateinischen Bibel.

The VLB is scheduled to contain twenty-seven volumes. Some volumes contain two or more parts, and all volumes and parts are being initially published in fascicle format. Thus a given volume’s publication will extend over a number of years. One should treat volumes as works in a series, using the abbreviation VLB (Vetus Latina Beuron) to indicate the series. When citing an entire volume, include the volume number (volume and part…

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