DAILY DEVOTIONAL Friday, September 22, 2017

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Your Sinful Nature

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had free will but chose to abuse it, to rebel against their Creator. God had created them perfect; they lacked nothing. They need not fear any illnesses, hunger, death, any form of difficulty that plagues man today. The only requirement that they had was to live out their freedom under the sovereignty of God, i.e., the righteous rule of God, and the laws that the Creator would introduce, including the laws of nature.

One such natural law was that they would grow hungry if they did not eat, thus the need to obey the law to eat. The same would hold true for water as well, and the need to drink. Then, there was a need for sleep. Outside of these natural laws, God gave them work to accomplish within Eden, yet we will note in the texts below…

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