Elihu's Corner


The sink is overflowing with dishes and more have migrated to the countertops. Piles of laundry wait expectantly to be washed, folded or put away. Your kids seem to think that their outdoor behavior works indoors. Suddenly, you hear glass shatter nearby as the dog’s tail makes contact with a vase.

The phone is pinging. The dinner is boiling. Your head is throbbing.

As you’re standing in the midst of the chaos, wondering which fire to put out first, the mailman hands you a stack of mail. The envelope on top reads, “Overdue notice.” You plaster on a fake smile until he turns around and then you let out a groan of despair as you shut the door.

“How did I miss that bill? Ugh! And this company charges twenty percent late fees!!!”

At some point, we all find ourselves in a sensory overload situation. It happens to young people…

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