APOLOGETIC EVANGELISM – Evangelizing with the Right Attitude

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One’s attitude casts their personal view of everything he thinks, feels, believes, or does. This attitude will be reflected in one’s posture, whether it is conscious or unconscious, especially when someone interacts with others. The listener will know if the believer has a positive, negative, uncertain, or indecisive attitude. This will determine whether one’s life and work as an evangelist will succeed or fail. If someone develops and has a positive attitude toward evangelism, this will mean a positive impact on one’s self, family, those who join in evangelism, one’s relationship with God, and to those whom one witnesses. However, please know that of the people that one witnesses to, nine out of ten will want nothing to do with your message.

Certainly, Jesus in his earthly ministry faced opposition to the kingdom message, and in many cases, downright hostility, ending with his execution. However, he never abandoned his positive…

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