What’s so special about a sunrise?

For some it’s the beauty, for others it marks the end of a night shift, and for commuters, a companion in the early hours. Regardless of your appreciation, a sunrise represents the beginning of a new day. In a similar way, the Bible speaks of newness. Romans 6:4 describes the picture of us being buried with Christ in His death and raised to walk in “newness of life”. The life of a disciple is filled with newness, and each day is an opportunity to walk in it.

So what is walking in “newness”? It’s a deliberate posture of turning one’s back to sin, and seeing each day as one filled with:

  • Purpose that is ordained of the Lord
  • Forgiveness that brings liberty
  • Boundaries that provide a framework for success
  • Opportunities that present fresh experiences with the Lord

Is your spiritual posture turned…

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