Book Review: C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity

Samaritan's Song

I went back and forth about reviewing this book precisely because it’s a classic.

I think everyone I know has read this, or at least heard of it, I thought.  And then: besides, there are more modern writers doing more up-to-date versions of what C.S. Lewis did back then.  What was the point, I wondered, in recommending a book that has already earned a place in the Christian canon?

And then I remembered my first experience teaching it.

My husband and I headed up a “college and career” class that was, in actuality, quite the mixed bag.  A few of our members had already graduated college and were in the workforce.  Others were freshmen.  It was a diverse group racially.  We had a skeptical agnostic, a burgeoning playwright, couples and singles.  And we decided to teach our merry band with a curriculum based on Mere Christianity.

We didn’t really…

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