Playboy, Hugh Hefner and his thousand Demonic Offspring

I have started a new role as a consulting editor with Christian Today – much to my surprise!  This basically means I will be writing short columns each week….here is the first of them Playboy, Hugh Hefner and his thousand demonic offspring

The basic text is below (click the link above for the full works!):

For some the death of Hugh Hefner is the death of a hero.

He is perceived as a free speech libertarian who helped change our culture. To others his death is something to be celebrated – the end of a destructive pervert. I cannot share either perspective.

No matter who, I cannot help but mourn the death of any human being, made in the image of God even if, as Hefner did, they have abused and perverted that image almost beyond recognition.

Hugh Hefner poses at his Playboy Mansion 2010Reuters

Hefner made himself a…

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