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Love Your Neighbor As You Love Your

Let Nothing Hinder You from Being Honored By God

Proverbs 29:23 Updated American Standard Version (UASV)

23 The Pride of man will bring him low,
but the lowly of spirit will obtain honor.

Honor: (Heb. kā·ḇôḏ) This denotes the state of being highly respected or revered. This word is almost entirely positive in the Hebrew Old Testament. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the original-language words for “honor” convey the sense of heaviness. We must remember, in Bible times, money was made from precious metals, meaning, the heavier the coin, the greater its value. Therefore, words that were used to denote the idea of weightiness came to be thought of in a figurative sense, meaning that which was treasured, magnificent, or impressive. Humans tend to be awe-struck with the power, position, or reputation of another person. Yet, what does God look for in humans? The Hebrew Scriptures, in…

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