APOLOGETIC EVANGELISM – The Gospel Will Be Proclaimed In Your Community

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Evangelism spreads Christianity especially through sharing God’s Word, with the objective of converting a non-Christian to faith in Jesus Christ. While this title takes liberties with Matthew 24:14, there is little doubt that this verse of “throughout the whole world” can be accomplished one community at a time, starting with the one where the reader of this book lives.

We live in a day that looks very much like the signs of the end of the age spoken of in Matthew 24:3, and laid out for us by Jesus through 24:4-14. Nevertheless, believers must remember that Jesus also cautioned us of looking for signs that do not indicate the second return of Christ and the end of the Christian age. However, he also offered signs that occur toward the end of the Christian era. Instead of getting hopeful that the end is imminent every time there is a massive natural…

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