The Difference Between Passive and Pushy

Samaritan's Song

I didn’t want to drop the ball.

As the leader of our college campus ministry, I felt personally responsible for every visitor and every member who walked through the doors to join our meetings.  I didn’t want to lose anyone, or risk anyone feeling forgotten or unnoticed.  So I paid careful attention, made sure to get people’s information, and contacted them to thank them for coming and before all of our meetings to remind them of dates and times.  I made calls.  I sent emails.  A lot of calls.  And a lot of emails.

Eventually, I got an email in return from a girl who had attended once near the beginning of the term, and who hadn’t returned since.  “I hope this doesn’t sound mean,” she wrote, “but can you remove me from this mailing list or whatever?  I feel like I get three emails a day about your group…

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