We crossed the border of Thailand after our Siem Riep escapade. On our 8 hour bus trip to its capital city, Bangkok, you will normally pass houses with banners -declaring their love for the King Adulyadej Bhumibol, the longest reigning monarch who passed away last October 2016.

Most tourists visit the city during Songkran if not for the thriving Beauty, Sex, Shopping and Food tourism. In our 16 hour stay, we decided to go on a more conservative itinerary in terms of our already exhausted budgets (after travelling from three different cities).

Here are the 5 Activities you can do in Bangkok if you are only staying for 16 hours.

1.) Eat at Farang

We arrived in the city very hungry! We did not care if the classy restaurant that we entered will charge as much. Anyways, the princess of Thailand once did the ribbon cutting for this restaurant.  We…

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