This is my article in todays Scotsman 

I think this is a really important issue – if you agree then please do share this article….we need to get the message out, to counter the emotive propaganda that almost universally floods out of our politicians and media….Better still go out and buy a Scotsman and pass it on to your family, friends and colleagues!

(Time for me to leave the country!)

David Robertson: Our society needs to come to grips with and understand the love of God

David Robertson Solas CPC Published: 06:00 Thursday 05 October 2017

Love is Love

The Prime Minister was mocked for saying that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Such truisms are surely too simplistic for the sophisticated British electorate? The First Minister announced at the Glasgow Pride event at the weekend, “Love is Love” – and was applauded. But what does that mean? Just as ‘Brexit means Brexit’…

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