What happened next …

Just me being curious

I wonder …
Might church teach

“That first walk” – a thought


When I was much younger I used to do bell-ringing for a church in Durham City, England.  I was taught the ropes (!) by the incumbent chap who had been doing it for years.  The tower was a quiet place.  Just him and me and the six bells.

St Nicholas church sits in the market place.  The window of the bell-tower (below the clock) has a commanding view.  Once I had been trained my mentor retired.  So I rang the bells alone.  And quite often, after ringing two bells (a “dinging” rather than full-throated “ringing”) before the services I would open the window and watch the world below.

I remember one evening a bunch of lads walked into the market place at the same time as another group walked in from the other end.  These were…

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