Led 12 – The Scottish Episcopal Church – Archbishop Welby – Peter Hitchens Category Error – The Denver Statement – Wilton Park and Government Religion – Christy Wimber – Tom Petty


Light Engaging Darkness  12 – 

Because I hope to be on a break when this goes out I thought I would ‘schedule’ a wee bit different ‘LED’…. this week we are going to look at some of the major issues facing the church rather than the culture.

  • The Scottish Episcopal Church.


I have some good friends in the SEC who are really hurting over this foolish and unbiblical decision.   The ‘sanctions’ being proposed by the wider Anglican Communion are weak, ineffective and merely administrative. The Anglican Church is officially distancing itself from biblical and historic Christianity. Those who snidely remark, ‘what do you expect? It’s the Anglicans?’ are wrong. Anglicanism in this country has often been a great blessing – and in other countries continues to be so. Which is why it is so sad to see how the Mighty have fallen. Please pray for those who are faithful…

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