Real Christianity by William Wilberforce, book review

Enough Light

Awhile back, I found a copy of Real Christianity, Discerning True Faith from False Beliefs by William Wilberforce at the thrift store. The edition is by Victor Classics (2005), and it had been edited and abridged for the modern reader.

William Wilberforce was an evangelical Christian in 18th century England, and he is most well known for leading the movement to abolish the slave trade. In Real Christianity he addressed the problem of cultural Christianity in England during his time. Many people claimed to be Christian but it had no influence or effect on how they lived their daily life. (Hmm…sound familiar?)

Wilberforce does not mince words, and calls out the biblical illiteracy and behavioral hypocrisy he observed in so-called church people. Wilberforce gets to the heart of the matter. Such as in one section where he outlines 3 ways that Christians have an inadequate conception of Christianity: 1. inadequate…

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