Revelation 20: Who are the real millennials? | Christian Today

This article first appeared in Christian Today: Revelation 20: Who are the real millennials?

Are you Pre, Post or A?

This is not a question that you will hear outside of Christian circles. What does it matter? What does it mean?

The Bible teaches that just as Christ ascended into heaven so he will return – not this time as a baby in a manger but as the King to judge the whole earth. Revelation 20 speaks of the ‘millennium’, the 1,000-year reign of Christ. There are three basic understandings of that (along with numerous variations); Post-millennialism, Pre-millennialism and A-millennialism.

left-behind-movie A scene from the 2014 movie ‘Left Behind’. The books and film reflected ‘pre-millennial’ beliefs.Screenshot / Trailers

Post-millennialists believe that the Gospel age began with Pentecost and will end when Christ returns, but before he does there will be a great period (not necessarily a literal 1,000 years) in…

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