“The Son of Man”: Encore

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In comments responding to my recent postings on Andrew Loke’s book, some have pointed to the remarkable messianic figure in the “Parables” of the composite writing known as 1 Enoch (chaps 37-71).   It has become now somewhat fashionable to date the Parables earlier than previously, now often to early first century CE (instead of late first century CE or later).  And there are often references to the remarkable messianic figure of this material as “the son of man,” with the purpose of positing this figure and expression as an explanation of Jesus’ use of the Greek equivalent.

The date of the Parables, their original language (the material survives only in Ethiopic and in manuscripts of the late medieval period) and provenance, all remain, however, matters of scholarly guesswork.  And it bears noting that the only fixed title of the messianic figure in the Parables is “the Elect/Chosen One”.  There are…

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