A Dangerous Church? The Elephant in the Balliol College Freshers Fair


This article was first published on Christian Today

I return from a lovely break in Croatia to discover yet another one of those ‘snowflake/University bans Christians’ stories. But this is one with a difference. It involves one of the world’s top Universities, Oxford. The problem with Balliol College’s now retracted ban of the Christian Union is not that it shows up the flakiness of the snowflake students, or the censoriousness of the attempted ban, or even what Richard Dawkins called the ‘pompous idiocy’ of the decision.

Is contemporary Christianity indulging the rich at the expense of the poor?

No, the elephant in the room, the real problem is, who was attempting to make that ban. In my post holiday catch-up reading I’m not sure that I have come across anyone making this point so I suspect it may not be the most popular idea…but here goes. You will forgive the…

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