Someone who takes a “literal” approach to the Christian life is often considered simple, and unsophisticated. There’s even a growing number of pastors who’ve abandoned a traditional interpretation of scripture in favor of a more tolerant view of cultural standards. It may seem like a modern development, but it’s just old heresies repackaged. Consider what Paul said in his closing thoughts to the Romans:

“…I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil.” – Romans 16:19b NKJV

As followers of Christ, we’re not to be comfortable with sin. That doesn’t mean we separate ourselves off into a commune, but we do separate ourselves in lifestyle. Yes, that may invite accusations of being “weird” or “one of those”, but Paul prefaces the words in verse 16, with a commendation to those who are obedient. He also said to “note” those who teach things contrary to the…

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