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Martin LutherMartin Luther (1483-1546) was a German monk, priest, professor, theologian, and church reformer whose teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced not only the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions but also the course of Western civilization. Gordon Isaac, author of Prayer, Meditation, and Spiritual Trial, writes in his introduction that “the quality of [Luther’s] prose, the power of his expression, and the precision of his translating” all are what make him a theologian to remember and continuously study.

Lucky for you, we’re going to share ten of Luther’s best-loved, most insightful quotes in honor of the rapidly approaching 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! Soak in Martin Luther’s wise words, friends:

1. “Does it not follow that He is immutably just and merciful? That, as His nature is not changed to all eternity, so neither His justice nor His mercy? And what is said concerning…

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