Continuing the Reformation theme – my latest article in Christian Today   (please click the link for the original) – asks whether we should celebrate the 500th anniversary…I will also be on the Janet Parshall tomorrow looking at the same question from an American perspective….In this article look particularly at the BBC documentary which sought to portray the Reformation as some kind of Jihad…!

Reformation 500: With the ‘fundamentalism, terror and religious violence’ should we really celebrate?

An awful lot of Protestants seem to be somewhat embarrassed by the Reformation. Many more are not really sure what it is. Some seem to regard it as the true Pentecost, the real beginning of the Church – a kind of reboot Church 2.0. What should we make of it?

As yours truly will be heading to Wittenberg next week to speak at the 500th anniversary celebrations organised by the World Reformed Fellowship…

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