2 Motivations for a Travel Up Tarlac


Words and Images by Chaela Canlas—–

The experience I had with Project Liwanag PH and the indigenous Aetas at Tarlac is something that I will always keep dear to me. Far from the city, high up in the mountains, live several indigenous Aeta communities from the Aeta Mag-Antsi, Aeta Abellen, and Aeta Hungey tribes. Never would I have imagined that there were these huge, flourishing communities in almost what seems to be the middle of nowhere! I, along with the Support and Services Group of St. Luke’s Medical Center— Global City, had the chance to meet some of these Aeta communities, namely Sitio Settler and Sitio Tarucan. We were there simply for an outreach program, but the experience turned out to be so much more than that- it was an eye-opening and moving encounter with our indigenous brothers and sisters.


Coming to the trip, I was really looking forward to…

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