Book Review: Tish Harrison Warren’s The Liturgy Of The Ordinary

Samaritan's Song

In my last book review, I shared my frustration with not being able to find a book that addressed, in a Scriptural and reflective manner, how ordinary and everyday actions can have spiritual meaning.  Commenter Amanda pointed me to The Liturgy of the Ordinary with the encouragement that it might have more of what I was looking for – and boy, did it ever.

In fact, this book has ascended to my all-time favorites list after only one read-through, for two primary reasons: 1) it defines and addresses a spiritual struggle within the church, and 2) the concepts within have immediately translated into day-to-day change in my life.

Warren’s concern with the church is twofold.  First, she believes that we’ve unintentionally adopted a “holy hierarchy”: she points out that we value some ministries and prioritize them as holier than others.  Therefore, even when we don’t realize it, we’re more apt…

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