Meme Theology: Monergistic Salvation

Armchair Theologian


Today I would like to review the above Meme that has recently come across my feed.  For those who don’t know, Seventh-Day Adventists are about as Arminian as you can get.  To my knowledge all of the christian cults are which should tell you something right there.

Usually when people debate free will they do so in a broad philosophical sense.  Since God knows everything and chose to create the universe with said knowledge, then logically he knew every decision that would ever be made, so did you really choose which color socks to wear this morning anyways?

While such questions are entertaining to ponder we should keep philosophy in it’s proper place, in service to the word, not interpreting it.  Scripture doesn’t address such things.  What is addressed though is matters of will as it pertains to salvation, and that is what is relevant.  Honestly, when it comes to…

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