Save our NHS!

Save our NHS!

Letter in todays Courier.  To say that I feel passionately about the NHS (for personal, biblical and societal reasons) would be to put it mildly!  What is happening in the NHS, especially in Tayside is a disgrace.  Its time for the Scottish government to step in.
Dear Editor,
As someone who has benefited enormously from the NHS and especially Ninewells hospital – not least because they saved my life; and as someone who is waiting for another operation, whose daughter is a nurse in training and many of whose church and friends work in the health service; I would like to express my concern, and that of many others, on the news that NHS Tayside is to cancel all but emergency procedures for a three week period over Christmas.
Whilst I have no doubt that the reason given, to prepare for the usual increase of emergency procedures…

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