The Nightmare of ‘Progressive’ Utopian Government

Yesterday I had a fascinating and revelatory experience on Talk Radio – I was asked on to discuss the Scottish governments proposal to ban smacking with John Finnie, the Green downloadMSP, the proposer of the bill.   What I didn’t realize was that it was a bit of a set up, with the presenter being John Nicholson, the former SNP MP and rising star who was ousted at the last General Election. Given that there is no real difference between the Greens and the new SNP I was not too surprised to find myself being a little bit ambushed. However it was an astounding discussion because of what it revealed about the world of the political progressives (of whatever party) who are seeking to make this Brave New World.

On the issue of smacking itself, I am not too bothered. It’s already illegal to hit a child with an implement, or…

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