Should Christian Organisations Campaign Against the Smacking Ban?

This article first appeared on Christian Today under the title – Scotland’s Smacking Ban – Should Christians Care?    

I realise that it is the kind of article which will upset people on either side…but then iron sharpens iron…and I’m sure we can disagree/speak the truth in love!

The Scottish Government has indicated that it will support a proposed bill from the Green MSP, John Finnie, which will outlaw all forms of physical chastisement on children.

Cue incredulity on all sides.

For some the idea of ‘physically assaulting’ children (which is what they call it) is unthinkable. For others, including an American friend who gave me a book where a whole chapter was devoted to whether one should ‘paddle’ with the diaper on or off, it is unbelievable that anyone would ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’! I have no wish to go into all the arguments about smacking –…

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