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[Updated from the archives.]

In To Have and Have Not Humphrey Bogart (playing Harry Morgan) is a fishing boat captain on a small Caribbean island, while Lauren Bacall (Marie) is an American stuck there with no way back to the States unless Bogie will take her. He’s disinclined.

Walter Brennan (Eddie) plays a rummy deck hand that Bogie allows to work for him. Brennan has one question he asks of everyone he meets but most people don’t bother trying to figure out what he mean, dismissing it as nonsense.

Then he springs it on Marie.

Eddie: Was you ever bit by a dead bee?

Marie: Were you?

Eddie: You’re all right, lady … . You know, you gotta be careful of dead bees if you’re going around barefooted. ‘Cause if you step on ’em they can sting you just as bad as if they was alive. Especially if they was…

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