Don Carson on Sola Scriptura, Iver Martin on Scottish Mission, Benjamin Intan on Secularism in Indonesia and Thomas Schirrmacher on the Suffering Church – @wrf500

Day 2 of World Reformed Fellowship conference on the Reformation

This has been a very full day….so much to learn..

It began with Matthew Ebenezer from the Indian Reformed Presbyterian Church who spoke on Matthew 16:13-20.  The key question for the church today is to answer the question of Jesus – who do you say I am? God used the simple and ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  The Indian answer is that Jesus is an avatar (an appearance of God)…avatars came only to a particular place; Jesus came to the whole world – they were pure spirit; he was incarnate – they came to destroy; he came to give life  – they came repeatedly to deal with problems; he came once for all for sinners – avatars were only partial revelations of God; Jesus is the full revelation.

This was fascinating bible teaching from within an Indian context and perspective and I…

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