WRF500 – Reformation in Islam; The Reformed and the Roman Catholics; Evangelising Atheists and Neo-Pagans; A Worldwide Church and Vision.


Friday was an intense day – six full talks – I don’t know how people lasted the pace!

Luther and Mrs Luther!

Two were outstanding – of which more later – but first of all we kicked off with  yours truly speaking on evangelising atheists and neo-pagans.  From my point of view the talk did not go well…it was too rushed, too long, too broad and there was no opportunity for questions and discussion (which is more my style).  Anyone who is a speaker will recognise that dreadful feeling when you sit down embarrassed and think of all the things you could and should have said!  From my point of view I felt that I had let the Lord down…and I also felt that it might be a bit simple for most of the people there..however the response was good (I think more than just politeness) especially from the South…

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