Book Review: Redefining Truth

Theology Still Matters

What is truth?  How do we pursue truth, and is it all relative?  Can truth be changed over time, or is it something that is?  In His new book Redefining Truth author David Fiorazo sets out to answer such questions.  These questions, and many like, it are answered from a Christian worldview.

His purpose of the book is laid our plainly on page one where the author writes, “Since we are in a spiritual battle, warfare will be part of this process as with any worthwhile endeavor.  This battle requires of us the utmost diligence to seek the truth and find it, proclaim it, protect it, and persevere to the end because truth is the foundation of the gospel that saves us”.

The topic of the this book matters because the truths of the Christian faith seem to be challenged on a daily basis.  The authors treatment of controversial topics…

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