Psalm 79 – For the Glory of Your Name – 25th Anniversary Communion Sermon from St Peters

Last Sunday was our 25th anniversary in St Peters – I took the opportunity in the evening to reflect on where we have been and where we are going – as we looked at Psalm 79 in our communion service.  It has a lessons for the wider church as well…

These are the notes from the sermon:

The Psalmist is an eyewitness who has seen many things. The irony of Psalm 79 coming after Ps 78. In Psalm 78 David’s kingdom has been established his role as shepherd king seems to go on forever. 400 years later…Davidic monarchy has come to an end…the holy temple has been defiled and is in ruins. What had been according to Ps 78 established forever now seems to have gone.

In these past 25 years we have seen many things here, in the wider church and in the wider culture. Hugh societal changes


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