John Piper Tells an Unconvincing Story to Illustrate Gender Differences between Men and Woman

Jesus Without Baggage

In Piper’s article we discussed last time, he also includes a  story meant to illustrate specific gender differences between men and women. It is not convincing.

Piper’s Story

John Piper

Piper begins:

Suppose…a young man and woman…find themselves chatting before the worship service. He likes what he hears and sees, and says, “Are you sitting with anyone?”

They sit together…as they are leaving, he says, “Do you have any lunch plans? I’d love to treat you to lunch.” [and she replies] I’d love to go.

As they walk he finds out that she has a black belt in martial arts…two men block their way ominously and say, “Pretty girlfriend you’ve got there. We’d like her purse and your wallet. In fact, she’s so pretty we’d like her.”

The thought goes through his head: “She can whip these guys.” But…he pulls her back behind him, and says, “If you’re going to…

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