Clearly I’ve been on a Jeremiah kick lately. It’s such a long book and there are so many details to remember. One can easily become overwhelmed when looking at the longest book in the Bible. It’s always important to be able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and Michael Wilcock has written a handy commentary to keep Jeremiah’s readers afloat while they try to grasp this ocean of a book.

We must not forget Lamentations either. Throughout his book, Jeremiah portrays Israel’s response over the warning Babylonian attack as one of disbelief because of their apathetic relationship to Yahweh. Lamentations portrays Israel’s (or at least the Lamenter’s) response after the Babylonian attack as being one of fear, anguish, and sorrow. Here Wilcock summarizes the thrust of Lamentations’ message in 15 pages. It is a bleak book, but there is hope. “A new chapter was opening…

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