Thoughts from Mark "Hat" Rackley

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

  • Romans 10:17

I was discussing growth in faith with someone recently.  He lamented that his close friend’s faith was not growing in ways that he could notice.  He had a great testimony, but there seemed to be no growth since. He said that he wished that his friend could have ‘faith enough to let go.’

My demented brain went in an odd direction at the point when I heard the words ‘faith enough to let go.’

Jerry Clower told a lot of stories about the Ledbetter family.  The Ledbetter children were Ardel, Burnel, Raynel, W.L., Lanel, Odel, Udell, Marcel, Claude, Newgene, and Clovis. The parents were Uncle Versie and Aunt Pet.

While the fictional (or composite of several people) Marcel was Jerry’s best friend and the object of many of the stories, there…

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