John Mackay, the former principal of the Free Church College, Edinburgh where he taught Old Testament from 1983 to 2013, has written a two-volume work on Jeremiah. This is a careful work which a book like Jeremiah deserves (see also Jack Lundbom’s three volume work).

Structure and Content

Mackay divides Jeremiah into two volumes. Volume I (Jer 1–20) is divided into 7 chapters. Volume II (21–52) is divided into 9 chapters. An appendix on the chronology of Jeremiah is found at the end of Volume II (and is 14 pages in length). Mackay dates Jeremiah’s ministry to be around 40 years (627-587 BC).

Having reviewed six other Jeremiah commentaries, I can say that Mackay is a good combination of Lalleman and Wright, but with less application (though it is in there!). For the teacher and student who want details, Mackay is right up your alley. Mackay is helpful with…

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