The Epistles to Colossians and to Philemon (NIGNT) by Dunn

The Reagan Review

This volume in the New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) series is by famous scholar James D. G. Dunn. He is, perhaps, most famous for being one of the main proponents of the New Perspective on Paul (NPP). While I do not find that perspective plausible, I do appreciate the clarity with which Mr. Dunn explained his position. As you might imagine, that perspective does sway the commentary on Colossians and Philemon. If you would agree with me that that perspective might be the flaw of this commentary, then the quality of writing found here that is often absent in other such works is its strength. Even if the scholarship is swayed by his perspective, no one can doubt the depths of the scholarship itself.

The style of the commentary matches what I’ve seen in other volumes of this series. Though the commentary on each verse begins with the phrase…

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