I have begun a new weekly series for Christian Today on Ecclesiastes.  The idea is to take this wonderful book and use it to connect our ‘meaningless’ society to the meaningful Christ.   Feel free to comment, pass on and use as you wish.  You can read the original here

Nothing new under the sun: Ecclesiastes is the gospel for today’s society

‘Pele’ was pretty upset. A young lady with a serious drug problem, she had started attending church and found herself strangely moved by the experience. So she came to see me and asked if I could give her a book of the Bible to read. For some reason I gave her a copy of the small book of Ecclesiastes. She came back a week later and excitedly exclaimed, ‘That’s amazing…I canna believe that’s in the Bible…that was like Kurt Cobain on speed!’

Since then I have come to the…

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