Early Christian Use of “Messianic” Psalms

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The paper that I mentioned in a previous posting (here) and prepared for a conference in Salamanca (held in 2016) is now one of the 32 essays published in my recent volume:  Ancient Jewish Monotheism and Early Christian Jesus-Devotion (Baylor University Press, 2017, the publisher’s online entry here).  The essay title:  “Early Christological Interpretation of the Messianic Psalms” (pp. 559-82).

I had occasion to recall that essay as I have been reading a study that (along with a number of others) echoes the assumption that Psalm 110:1 (LXX 109:1) was a well-known and used “messianic” text in second-temple Jewish tradition.  In fact, it is not ever cited in extant second-temple Jewish texts, and it is difficult even to establish any clear allusion to Psalm 110.  And yet it is one of the most frequently cited and alluded to OT texts in the NT.  I made this observation…

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