Society Reaping What It Sows – Letter in the Courier

I have been asked how do we communicate what I wrote about yesterday – Welcome to the Sexual Counter-Reformation

The following is an example from this week – I letter I had published in the Courier.

Society reaping what it sows

Sir, – The collective moral panic that is now gripping the chattering classes is becoming ever more shrill and irrational. Alex Bell (Thursday’s Courier) tells us that all men in all trades and professions are the problem. While this sounds very humble, it is just simply not true.

It is not the case that it is all men who are to blame, nor is the abuse of sex and power reserved just to men – although the majority is. In the past year in England and Wales, there were 31,886 sexual assaults of women and 4,635 of men. Women can be as guilty of men in terms of using…

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