The Glass Castle – A Review

The Glass Castle – Jeanette Walls


I came to this book after seeing the film of the same name. The film was unspeakably sad but nonetheless managed to gloss over much of the situation described in this book. Whereas the film gave an impression of a kind of quirky family who were a bit eccentric but not really harmful – the book gives a complex and mixed picture of a loving family and what ultimately can only be described as child abuse. It is well written but ultimately hopeless.

The book is well written – 6/10

The film was superb…7/10

The main points I picked up on – with quotes from the Kindle edition.

Bad Parenting is a Disaster for Children

In my mind, Dad was perfect, although he did have what Mom called a little bit of a drinking situation. (p.27)

Brian went out and got some snow, and…

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