Beware the Hyper-Calvinist Atheists!

In order to understand our culture and ourselves there are some subjects that it is vital to grasp.  In terms of answering the question ‘who am I?’ or ‘who are we?’ we need to consider the question of moral responsibility and free will.   It is important to understand that many of our elites are moving (despite the culture making an idol of choice) into a world where human beings are just perceived as glorified robots, with no free will and ultimately no responsibility (and no real value).  I wrote this article in Christian Today to try and highlight this.  Please do share and pass on if you think it is as important as I do.  I went with the title above – they chose the one underneath….

Forget the atheist view of life: it’s Jesus who truly sets us free

Beware the hyper-Calvinist atheists! That seems a somewhat strange oxymoronic…

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