The Second Wave

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Matthew 22:23-33

The stage has been set for the second wave of the Jewish leaders’ plot to unfold. The second assault team, this time made up of a group of Sadducees, makes their advance on Jesus.

The Sadducees were a rival group to the Pharisees, they were an aristocratic bunch, in high favor with the wealthy, and Jesus was a clear threat to their high and lofty status in the land. Their attack centers upon the issue of the resurrection of the dead, something the Sadducees do not believe in.

They give Jesus their example of seven brothers, all of whom end up being married to the same woman, as each dies in succession without producing an heir. This is a reference to Deut. 25:5-6 and Lev. 38:8 which directs that when a man is married and dies without a child to be his heir, his brother must marry his…

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