When our first grandson was a child of three, he had a complete grasp on the value of life.  As I stomped on a pesky little ant as it scurried underfoot, he immediately called me out for taking the insect’s life.  Of course I felt terrible, but in that instant I knew he understood how important life is, and how we need to be aware of even the smallest in God’s creation.   In that same year, he wrote and illustrated a book on ants and how they work together and how industrious they are.  Not to brag, but my firstborn grandchild is a genius.

Life is precious.  Beginning at conception, a life starts.  It safely rests and grows in its mother’s womb and after a period of gestation pushes its way into the world – a world filled with danger, hatred, anger, lust, greed and sins of every sort.  Each one of those sins is…

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