Highway to Hell – Ecclesiastes 2:12-16


This weeks Ecclesiastes Article in Christian Today 

The Highway to Hell: How Ecclesiastes pinpoints our culture’s demise

There was a fashion among teenage boys for a while to mock the smart and clever kid. It was cool to be dumb. Anyone who loved learning or books was a ‘geek’ to be despised as unhip and uncool. That fashion seems to be spreading in much of our culture. What do we need learning for? What do we need wisdom? Why bother with philosophy when you can study something useful?

This dumbing down of culture is not new – it has happened before. But in the age of the Internet perhaps it is happening quicker and deeper than ever before. Not many people are aware of this, but our education system in the West was derived from and based upon Christian principles. Our major Universities from Oxford/Cambridge and Edinburgh, to Harvard and…

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