Samaritan's Song

The past few years have seen a slow, incremental evolution in my spiritual walk – so slow and so incremental, in fact, that I didn’t realize it was happening until it had already happened.

Three or four years ago, I asked God to really start working on me.  I was unsatisfied with where I was at spiritually.  I felt burnt-out.  At the time, I longed to go back to a time that felt far richer in that vein: college.  Life then had been replete with ministry opportunities and rich fellowship.  I had been really involved and engaged in a bunch of different Bible studies and activities, had been a visible campus Christian leader, had a sense of mission.  And so when I prayed for God to start working on me, I had this assumption that He’d take me back there: to this time of high engagement and productivity.

That’s not…

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