When the Storms of Your Life Will Not Let Up

Elihu's Corner


In West Texas, we get our fair share of storms. It may rain buckets for an hour and flood the streets, or drop baseball-sized hail, destroying life and property. Other times the wind kicks up dust, eliminating visibility and running off with roof tiles. Typically, these storms visit us for a brief period—ranging from one hour to twenty-four hours—before rolling along down the plain.

A couple of months ago, we had an anomalous, week-long rain. The first day was predictable: Texas-sized drops poured from the sky, making large ponds on the roads and slowing traffic. The rest of the week consisted of light but persistent rain. As I talked to various people, I sensed that even the most buoyant personalities were sagging beneath the gloom.

The trials we endure behave in much the same way as natural storms and the lives we construct are much like houses. Our “house” often…

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