It’s The Little Things

Samaritan's Song

After spending almost an entire day in my office at work thanks to the end-of-semester schedule, here is a list of things I wonder:

Why do people think it’s a good idea to microwave things like tuna and eggs in the communal office, where the scent not only lingers but pervades the hall and all the offices thereabouts?

Do people really not know that, in an office setting, it’s polite to turn off your phone notifications and sounds so that the constant ting!-ting!-ting! of your texting does not give the other people sharing your office a nervous tic?

Why is it always the person sitting nearest me who feels compelled to a) sigh loudly and do audible deep-breathing for half-hour stretches, b) wear 80 gallons of perfume, or c) hold an entire cell phone conversation 2 inches from my ear?

And why, in this season of peace on earth, do…

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