Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Truth in Palmyra

2 corinthians 7_1

Okay, look….we all know that phrase never actually appears in The Bible, right? In fact, the thought expressed technically is not even related to the post. We are taking a short trip back to our passage from yesterday for today’s thought. Sometimes we have to dig a bit to get the full meaning of something we see in God’s Word, and this was a case in point. The word in the passage filthiness(defilement in some translations), seems pretty straight forward; stay away from filthy things of the flesh and spirit. Sin, debauchery, not loving God, all these things come to mind. But, wait, there is more! Apparently that Greek word molusmos only appears here in the New Testament. It was used some in the Septuagint, and then  it referred to religious defilement.

There seems to be a consensus out there among commentators that this is not referring to just separating…

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