It’s what you make of it

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Let’s face it, we’re heading into a couple of weeks that can be challenging for most of us; we’re getting into crunch time. At my house, we have a thrill-packed week for sure: I’m double-booked tomorrow night, we have out of town guests Thursday through Sunday, with more family coming for a holiday wing-ding on Saturday plus all the normal things, and oh yes, I need to get ready for Sunday sometime.

There’s shopping that needs to get done, cards to send, houses to clean, social obligations, family obligations, church obligations, work obligations… It can very easily get out of hand and the holidays can end up being more of a curse than a blessing.

So which is it going to be for you− a time of warmth, love and a time of wonder and blessing and closeness to God… or a time of obligation, work and stress that might…

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